Agreement That Isn`t Worth the Paper It Isn`t Written on Crossword Clue

Agreement That Isn`t Worth the Paper It Isn`t Written on Crossword Clue

If you`re an avid crossword puzzle solver, you may have come across the clue “Agreement that isn`t worth the paper it isn`t written on.” The answer is typically “verbal agreement,” as the phrase refers to a promise or understanding made between two parties without any written documentation.

The origin of this phrase is often attributed to a quote from a British judge named Lord Bowen in the late 1800s: “In truth, an agreement that is to be made between two parties which is not to be put into a written form, is, in my opinion, not worth the paper it is not written on.” This sentiment highlights the importance of having a written contract or agreement to protect both parties involved.

In the world of business, verbal agreements can lead to misunderstandings and legal disputes. While verbal agreements may seem like a convenient and easy way to conduct business, they often lack specificity and can leave both parties vulnerable to potential issues down the line.

For example, imagine a business owner agrees to hire a freelancer for a project, but they only discuss the terms over the phone. The freelancer may assume they`ll be paid a certain amount for their work, but the business owner may have a different understanding. If a disagreement arises, without a written agreement, it can be difficult to determine what was actually agreed upon.

In addition to potential conflicts, verbal agreements can also be difficult to enforce in court. Without written documentation, it may be challenging to prove what was agreed upon or who is at fault in the event of a dispute.

To avoid these potential issues, it`s always best to have a written agreement or contract in place before conducting any business transactions. This can help ensure both parties are on the same page and can give both parties legal recourse if anything goes wrong.

In conclusion, while a verbal agreement may seem like a simple solution, it`s important to remember that it is not worth the paper it isn`t written on. To protect yourself and your business, always strive to have written documentation of any agreements or transactions.