Inter Club Agreement 2011 Pdf

Inter Club Agreement 2011 Pdf

Inter Club Agreement 2011 PDF: An Overview

The Inter Club Agreement (ICA) is a set of regulations put in place by UEFA, the governing body for European football. The agreement pertains to the transfer of players between professional clubs and aims to ensure fair play and transparency in the transfer market.

The ICA was first introduced in 1995, but it was revised and updated in 2011. The updated version of the ICA was made available to the public in the form of a PDF document, which can be accessed online.

This article will provide an overview of the Inter Club Agreement 2011 PDF, highlighting some of the key clauses and regulations included in the document.

Key Clauses of the Inter Club Agreement 2011 PDF

1. Compensation for Training and Development Costs

One of the key provisions of the ICA is that the club which trains and develops a player is entitled to compensation if that player is transferred to another club before the end of their contract. This compensation is intended to cover the costs incurred by the club in training and developing the player.

The amount of compensation is calculated using a formula outlined in the ICA, which takes into account factors such as the player`s age, the length of their contract, and the level of compensation paid by the buying club.

2. Protection of Minors

The ICA also includes provisions for the protection of minors (players under the age of 18). Under the agreement, clubs are prohibited from signing minors from other European countries unless the player`s parents have moved to the country for reasons other than football.

Additionally, if a player under the age of 18 is transferred to another club, the buying club must provide guarantees for the player`s education and living arrangements.

3. Standard Transfer Procedure

The ICA outlines a standard transfer procedure that must be followed by all clubs when transferring players. This procedure includes requirements for notifying the player and their current club of the transfer, as well as provisions for conducting medical examinations and negotiating contract terms.

The standard transfer procedure is intended to ensure that transfers are conducted fairly and transparently, and that all parties involved in the transfer are treated equitably.


The Inter Club Agreement 2011 PDF is an important document for anyone involved in professional football. It outlines the regulations and procedures that govern player transfers between clubs, and is designed to ensure that transfers are fair, transparent, and conducted in the best interests of all parties involved.

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